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What is EPICIRQ?


EPICIRQ is a showcase for presenting the Baltic professional contemporary circus with the aim of increasing interest, exposure and export of the field within the region and in international level.

The showcase has been brought alive by Estonian circus artists and enthusiasts. After the pilot of an Estonian showcase in 2018, EPICIRQ expanded in 2019 to be covering all of the Baltic states, widening the programme and strengthening the unique identity of Baltic contemporary circus.

EPICIRQ 2023 will take main prorgamme will be presented on October 6th to 7th and extra programme on October 5th and 8th in Tallinn, Estonia and will be presented online as EPICIRQ cyber on October the following weeks.

The registrations for international and local presenters, circus researchers and field professionals are open.

The programme is divided between the main programme (presenting 8 full length or work in progress performances and pitch presentations), discussions before and during the showcase), shorts programme (short act presentations during the afterparty) and extra programme (non-curated programme by local circus artists and companies). This year, EPICIRQ will also curate an exhibition of circus bodies, open from September 23rd to October 22nd in Tallinn city centre. 

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