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Work in Progress performance
6th October 18:00 @ Sakala 3

Artists: Kestas Matusevičius(LT), Aino Mäkipää(FIN)
Dramaturgy: Kanta Company
Outside eye: Jason Dupree
Light Design: Pijus Vasiliauskas​


Duration: 45 minutes    
Age: 12+

Dear Pressure focuses on the artists personal stories and experiences with circus art. Pressure tightly is related to circus, both physically - a person’s weight on your shoulders, your grip on the Chinese pole - and mentally - the pressure to be better, to train, to perform well. Circus allows us to translate what we experience mentally and emotionally into physical action.Dear Pressure creates a post apocalyptic (post pressure) home environment where we all feel the safest living through our everyday routine. Trying to deal with their pressures, sometimes alone, sometimes finding each other and going through it together. It’s a show about our life, it’s about pressures we feel and not always share because we think that we are alone with it.

Kanta Company is two circus artists from three different countries - Finland and Lithuania who aspire to create entertaining but thought provoking circus. Onstage is where we feel the most alive - circus forces us to be present. By bringing everyday situations and issues onstage we want to give the audience new perspectives on their lives via the transformative experience of circus, creating a world where the everyday is extraordinary, and the real becomes surreal.

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