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Work in progress performance 

7th October 5pm @Sakala 3


Idea and creation: Taigi Cirkas

Artists: Izabelė Kuzelytė (LT) Elena Kosovec (LT) Konstantin Kosovec (LT)


Duration: ca 30 min

Age: 7+

InTENSE is a contemporary circus show that dives deeply into physics and philosophical aspects of tensegrity. The idea came to the mind of Konstantin Kosovec while studying in DOCH (Stockholm) contemporary circus masters program. This creative project is based on tension, contraction and bending - all concepts that unite circus equipment, architecture and human anatomy. A building, a body, a society can be analyzed from different perspectives but using the same method. By analyzing the tensegrity structure in micro and macroscopic perspectives we find the same tendencies whatever object it would be. Contemporary circus is moving forward and not only erases the line in between art disciplines, but also in between art and science, politics, human everyday life. If we truly wish to understand the creative object we need to look at it from all angles.

Contemporary circus company “Taigi Cirkas” was formed in 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Its name can be loosely translated from Lithuanian as“But it’s circus” – meaning that it is something that doesn’t have to be explained. The main purpose of the group is to tell honest stories emerging from their individual and collective experiences using circus disciplines as a medium to share and connect. There are three Lithuanian artists working on a current creation: Konstantin Kosovec, Elena Kosovec, Izabelė Kuzelytė.

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