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Grete Gross

Artistic manager

Grete is the one who had the mad idea about organising a showcase at the first place. She’s the one behind creating the concept and putting thoughts down in words for people to understand, why would it be necessary to support and experience EPICIRQ. Running between whatever needs her attention, she’s there for general programme questions.

+372 58066199


Lizeth Wolk

Educational programme manager

Lizeth is the one who talks black to white and has a secret charm to make everybody wish to be our partners. She’s the one organising the workshops for professionals and also making the afterparty madness come alive.

+372 53323568


Jürgen Visnapuu

Marketing and advertisement

Jürgen is the heaven sent help for releasing the promo materials out to the public. A marketing magic man. Jürgen is making sure that we have audience in the theatre and he puts all the fancy blinking screens full of EPICIRQ posters.


Mathias Väärsi

Eleriin Miilman

Eero Druus

Graphic designer

Mathias is our visual identity guru. He makes all the things match together. All the fancy posters, fonts, name it.
Mathias is making EPICIRQ look like EPICIRQ. 
He is also full on unique ideas and solutions for the festival merch.

Local/Estonian communication manager

Eleriin makes sure EPICIRQ is heard and appriciated by communicating our goals and happenings to  wider audiences.
Eleriin is a cherished member of our team that does brilliant work in letting everyone know what EPICIRQ is all about!


Rigger, technical manager

Eero makes sure that none of the artists would fall down from the ceiling, that all the shows have their circus equipment in the right spot and that everything is rigged in a proper way.
He is the behind-the-scenes soul of the festival and the guardian of the artists.



Saamuel Pedosk

Priidu Adlas

Kaisa Ling 

Sound technician

Saamuel makes sure you can hear what needs to be heard during the performance. 
The man with a lot of patience, collaborating with the artists so everyone would have a pleasant visual on audio experience.

Light designer

The fact that you can see what is happening on stage, is all thanks to Priidu. He is the creator of the light plans for the shows. The light man sitting high up, pressing buttons at exactly on the right time.


Kaisa is an electric woman, guiding the whole festival experience, digging deeper into the ideas of artists and helping the audience navigate in this madness called EPICIRQ



Maarja Roolaht

Festival godmother / street

Maarja helps the artists and the audience understand what is where and how is what. She is the care taker of the street venue artists. Maarja will also help you understand how to get to the main hall, where can you get a stick up your nose, and where you can purchase some of that pretty merch.


Laura Kivistik

Stage manager

Laura will make sure that all the artists would have a great experience performing and understanding where is what and what is where.
She is the godmother of the Black Box!


Alise Bokaldere

Foreign communication

Alise is responsible of letting our foreign audiences, fans and presenters know what is happening where. She is taking care of all the foreign visitors so the relevant info wont get lost on the way!

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