Grete kodukale.png

Grete Gross

Artistic manager

Grete is the one who had the mad idea about organising a showcase at the first place. She’s the one behind creating the concept and putting thoughts down in words for people to understand, why would it be necessary to support and experience EPICIRQ. Running between whatever needs her attention, she’s there for general programme questions.


+372 58066199

Karmen kodukas.png

Karmen Aasanurm

Organising manager

Karmen is our structural mastermind. If all others might go wild with their artistic ideas, then Karmen is the one that finds a way of practically making things come alive after doing some pii-paa-puu-puu on the keyboard. She’s the person for all volunteers, presenters, partners and general communication questions.


+372 51982113

Lizeth kodukale.png

Lizeth Wolk

Educational programme manager

Lizeth is the one who talks black to white and has a secret charm to make everybody wish to be our partners. She’s the one organising the workshops for professionals and also making the afterparty madness come alive.


+372 53323568