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(Dis)embodied / Keha(s)tus
photo exhibition

"The inspiration for this exhibition was born from my collaboration with contemporary circus artists, which began in 2021. Witnessing the incredible forms they could create with their bodies left me deeply fascinated. Over the last two years, I’ve been actively capturing these artists’ moments, both on stage and in intimate photoshoots. However, a special desire grew within me to craft something more profound in collaboration with these performance artists, placing them in a natural environment. Circus is often associated solely with entertainment—a spectacle of dazzling costumes and breathtaking tricks. Combining these two distinct art forms led to the completion of the exhibition titled (Dis)embodied. This exhibition offers viewers a vulnerable glimpse behind the performer’s mask, revealing the person beneath.”

In our increasingly technology-driven world, we often disconnect from our innate connection to nature. We forget that we are, in fact, an integral part of the natural world rather than separate from it. Within the photographs, the primary focus lies on the human body, interwoven with various landscapes. This creates a synergistic and even poetic relationship that blurs the boundaries between the two. Simultaneously, it serves as a reminder of the overwhelming grandeur and power of nature.

Through visual metaphors and the characters portrayed within, viewers are encouraged to reflect upon the depicted scenes through their own personal narratives.  The circus artist becomes a conduit for sensory experiences of nature, translating them through their body and offering their interpretation to the exhibition’s visitors. Dis(embodied) presents the audience with the profound simplicity of the human body in harmony with nature, contrasted with its extraordinary potential and capacity.

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Author/autor: Luisa Greta Vilo

Models/modellid: Aleksey Smolov, Anna Kristin Peterson-McCarthy, Grete Gross, Laura Kivistik, Lizeth Wolk

Luisa Greta Vilo is a young Estonian photo artist who in 2023 graduated from Pallas University of Applied Sciences. Vilo started exhibiting her works in 2020. Since then she has had two solo exhibitions: “Inside Creation” as part of the Aparaaditehas Open Cultural Platform (2022) and “Fragments of Vulnerability” in Tampere House, Tartu (2023). The artist’s style is primarily characterised by the use of black-and-white contrasts and sensitive visual language. 


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