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Work in progress performance 

7th of October 13.00pm and 15.00pm  @Sakala 3


Idea and creation: Big Wolf Company
Author and performer:  Grete Gross (EE)

Scenographer: Kristel Maamägi (EE)

Duration: ca 40 min

Age: 5+

Kehakõne is a piece that walks on the borders of a ceremony and performance, opening up the space of sincerity and intimacy.

"The name "Kehakõne" translater for body and speech - therefore the show carries a great focus on body awareness and on the dialogue between me and my body as the inhabitant, my body and mind, my body and other bodies. 
I question, that when coming to see a show, then are our bodies just vehicles or how can our experience change when focusing on bodily awareness at all times?

I also love to think of what all our bodies carry...more than flesh and bones, we carry endless amounts of memories, that can be triggered at any point by bodily movement, touch, seems almost unbearable to think of all one body needs to fit within and therefore it is no wonder we sometimes overflow.

Grete Gross is a performance artist fascinated by the limitlessness of circus. Her favorite playgrounds are the spaces of melting between various artforms. Word. Light. Color. Speed. Moment. Silence. Emotion. Fall. Flight. Being.

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