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Work in progress performance
7th October 20.00 @Sakala 3

Idea and creation: Art For Rainy Days
Artists: Alise Bokaldere (LV), Izabelė Kuzelytė (LT)
Dramaturgy: Jason Dupree - UK


Duration: ca 30 min
Age: 7+

A relationship between falling, flying and catching yourself. Ground and air collaborating in order to find the tether that connects them. There’s a longing for each to find a meeting point, but such a point is difficult when you inhabit different spaces. Two broken pieces adding up to one. Each is trying to break their individual obstacles that hold them back, help each other reach past the stopping point. The research tries to find new ways of representing contemporary circus, stretching the boundaries of it, uniting with dance, digital arts and ect.. Searching for new perspectives and innovative applications while still maintaining the beauty of simplicity.

Art For Rainy Days is a performance collective made up of a circus artist, a dancer and a dramaturg. Combining perceptions, the aim is simple: to be inspired by each others artistic standpoints and to create by melting brains. Art For Rainy Days is a slow breakfast, scribbles in a notebook, a daydream. Artwork inspired by tasks and projects taken up on unproductive days to relax, breathe and find time for yourself. Rainy days are a time of need or trouble, as in we knew a rainy day would come sooner or later. The day when it is too late, a time when you can’t do anything but contemplate about things you’ve done or should have done. It is a choice how you spend your rainy days - drowning in it or finding time to look outside the box. “What's a rainy day without some delicious coffee-flavoured loneliness?” Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence.

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