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Full-length performance 
2nd October 18:00 @ Sakala 3

Idea and Creation:
Anna Krazy

Anna Kristin McCarthy (Peterson)

Duration: 30 minutes
Age: 5+

"All Strings Attached" is a contemporary streetshow that involves acrobatics, dance, contortion, visual theatre elements and power of word. It involves the audience in a unique way, captures their attention and leaves them wondering where all the time suddenly went. The whole show is a reminder to know that everyone is vulnerable and we are all in the same boat, going through similar fears and doubts. We need to be all in in the relationships to people close to us but also to people on the streets.

Anna Krazy (Anna Kristin McCarthy) is a streetperformer, contemporary circus artist and director, a mother of 2 boys and a believer in arts and beauty. Her life in performance world started when she was born, as her family had a little theatre, where she grew up and fell in love with performance art. She specialized in circus at the age of 8 and from then on she didn't look back. The discipline, art and power behind circus has always amazed her. Even when she tries to run away from it, she always comes rushing back and falls in love over and over again.
Anna Kristin has studied contemporary circus in Circus Studio Folie, in Musik of Theaterhojskole in Denmark and contemporary dance in Berlin and Viljandi. Her streetperformer's life started in 2016 where she discovered the magic of streetfestivals and took it as her aim to create a contemporary street performance that follows the guidelines of an old school show.

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