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Full-length performance 
3rd October 18.30 @Sakala 3

Idea and creation:
Big Wolf Company

Grete Gross (EST), Lizeth Wolk (EST), Ghia Lumia (FIN)

Kati Kivitar

Duration: ca 45 min
Age: 5+


How strong legs does one need to break a log? What is needed to give birth in the middle of a field? And what is there to be done, if there is no men on sight and the whole future a woman sees ahead is work, more work and the company of one's envious, vicious and yet incredibly loving sisters...

Inspired by folk songs and stories,“Three Sisters” is a performance that talks about the great women of the Nordic countries - of their tenderness, strength, convictions and fears.

The project is based on aerial disciplines (hammock, hoop) and handstand/acro-dance combined with witty comedy, spiced up with social criticism and danced away by epics. While creating the show the team researched old nordic traditions about marriage, women’s role in the household, what type of a woman was desired during the old times and how has it changed (or not) these days.

Big Wolf Company is Estonia's first professional contemporary circus troupe. Founded in 2015 by Grete Gross and Lizeth Wolk, when the creation of the play "Eternal Dinner" began.

Big Wolf Company has been active in introducing the relatively new art form of circus to Estonian audiences, developing the local circus scene and representing the Baltic circus community abroad.

Joining forces of versatile artists, Big Wolf Company creates performances for every taste: from stylish retro comedies to touching solo productions. The troupe moves towards a common goal, to make the whole Estonia fall in love with circus and to make the international circus world fall in love with Estonia.

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