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EPICIRQ on Tour is a project exporting the Baltic contemporary circus performances to international audiences by offering them residency and performing opportunities.

With 5 international partners: Lithuania - Menu Spaustuve, Finland - Salo Circus Festival, Denmark - Dynamo Workspace, Latvia - Sansusi Festival, United Kingdom - Jacksons Lane.


 This year EPICIRQ on Tour is offering

support to 3 Baltic collectives:

Art for Rainy Days
Kanta Company
Aleksey Smolov and Lizeth Wolk

(Big Wolf Company)

Stay tuned for more information

though our social media!

The Baltic contemporary circus presents something new,

unique and unexplored.
Through this project, we aim to strengthen the quality and visibility of Baltic contemporary circus locally, regionally and internationally.
We highly believe that the uniqueness of the Baltic circus is something to share with the rest of the world.

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