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Harry the 3rd
by Soleneviena (LT)

Work in progress

Idea and performance: Monika Neverauskaite

Duration: 15'

Age target: 5+

Harry is a friend. A very good friend. Everyone of us has one but maybe call him by a different name. He can listen to you, agree with you, be with you. And he can also break. The same way as we all can break. A story about loneliness, fragility and risk. Loneliness when you create your own world in your mind with your fantasy. When you start believing in things that only you know of. To make you feel less lonely. Fragility that everyone of us has but who dares to show it. The strength within fragility. And risk, as one of the main element that goes all through the story. How often do we take risk? Do we realize how important something is only once we lose it? Cyr wheel as a circus discipline meets... eggs. Playing around with a wheel and eggs on the same floor. How far the game can get?


Monika comes from Lithuania. She was born in 1990, eleven days after the country got independence and independence is a big word in her life. Searching for the arts that interest her the most, she crossed several different countries, each of them making a home for a life time. And getting experience after experience where one spot leads to the next one. Monika fell in love with the norwegian folk dance in Norway. She was climbing up the trees and dancing on the buildings in Denmark. She started to hold the ground with her hands and spin around in circles in the Netherlands. She went to search for a house but found a caravan in France. And to be more precise, she finished Manger folkehøgskule in Norway (2009H2010), Performers House in Silkeborg Denmark (2011), Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam the Netherlands (2011H2015), Le Lido in Toulouse France (2015H2017). Main circus discipline H cyr wheel (roue cyr). She is searching for herself in different countries, in different arts. She likes to move and to be moved. From inside to outside. Sharing and making atmosphere together with the audience. A person of "here and now", where present moment is the only reality which exists. Images, feelings and details are part of her creation where set choreography and improvisation meet. Currently she is working with a french circus company Collectif AOC. Also, she is creating a solo piece called "Harry the 3rd".

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