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Liquorice and Lemons by
Duo Homeles Moreles 

Full-length performance

October 5th at 12:30 @Piip ja Tuut Playhouse

On stage: Juha-Matti Eskelinen (FIN), Grete Gross (EST)

Outside eye: Agnese Vanaga (LV)
Soundtrack: Karlis Auzans (LV)

Production: Riga Circus, Re Riga Festival

Duration: 20'

Age target: 3-12 (and other child-minded)

Life is full of little moments – sorrows, joys, jokes, disappointments, tears, laughter and so much more that we cannot put a finger on. The performance follows a couple through these moments of connection and loss of it between each other.

Because, even after a sour nosh of lemons or a bitter bite of liquorice, the taste in your mouth stays oh so sweet.

"Liquorice and Lemons" is a show for children and child-minded, charming the spectators with playful teasing and reminding them, how simple we truly are.

Duo Homeles Moreles was started in May 2015 by Juha-Matti Eskelinen (FIN) and Grete Gross (EST) after graduating from Lahti Circus School. 

Juhis's main discipline is Chinese pole, his other strong sides are floor acrobatics, background in parkour and ball-room dancing, he easily finds comfort in what ever movement methods on floor or in the air.

Grete's strongest side is in flying in the air, but on the ground she finds joy in partnering, story telling, picking ukulele and charming children with her singing.


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