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Programme 2023

The main programme aims to present the most outstanding professional contemporary circus performances of Baltic region. This year the main programme will present 7 performances:


 We welcome you to the EPICIRQ 2023 edition!

Main programme (@ Sakala 3):

6. October
18:00 Kanta Company (LT, FI) "Dear Pressure"
19:30 Izabelė Kuzelytė (LT) "Life of Creatures"
20:45 Taigi Cirkas (LT, LV) " Up to this Point" 

*Extra programme: 23:00-00:30 Late Night Cabaret with Kaisa Ling @Heldeke

7. October
13:00 & 15:00 Grete Gross (EE) "Kehakõne"

14:00 *Pitch presentations
17:00 Taigi Cirkas (LT) "inTENSE"
18:30 Aleksey Smolov, Lizeth Wolk (LV, EE) "NOT TO BE MENTIONED" 
20:00 Alise Bokaldere, Izabelė Kuzelytė (LV,LT) "How A Spiral Works"

*Pitch presentations

7. October 14:00
Alise Bokaldere, Aleksey Smolov, Maija Sukute (LV) "Pienene"
Kanta Company, Kestas Matusevičius (LT) "Prelude"
Kanta Company, Aino Mäkipää (LT/FIN) "Gandras"

Big Wolf Company (EE, LV) & The Nordic Council (FI, SE, IS) 

- A double bill -

"Three Sisters + Three Men from the North"

!Shorts programme! & After Party

7. October 21:00-01:00

with DJ Gucci Belt (LV) and Paap (EE)

Extra programme

5. October 19:00 Theatrum "In a Glimpse" @Theatrum

8. October 13:00 - meet the artist with Luisa Greta Vilo, author of (Dis)embodied photo exhibition @Uue Turu Plats

*8. October 14:00 - Lunch with artists

8. October 16:00 Theatrum "In a Glimpse" @Theatrum

*8. October 20:00-22:00 - thank you sauna for the team, artists and presenters still in town

9. - 10. October - Grassroot Network workshop for artists - all day

The photo exhibition (Dis)embodied will be open @Uue Turu Plats from September 23rd to October 22nd.

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