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Sabotage by Circus SaboK

Pitch presentation

October 6th at 13:30 @Culture bar Heldeke!

Artist & director: Saana Leppänen(FIN), Kert Ridaste(EST), Lars Schmidt (GER)

Co-producer: Sirkus Aikamoinen, PartnerAkro

Sound design: Lars Schmidt

Residency support: Näyttämö (Finland), Subtopia (Sweden), Kam Hram (Croatia), Dynamo workspace(Denmark), PartnerAkro (Estonia) 

Duration of the upcoming performance: 55 minutes

Age target: all ages

Sabotage is an Estonian contemporary circus show of self-discovery and acceptance.   It's created by two circus artists and live musician. We want to explore the harmony that we call inner peace.  To dare, to take the leap is not only about courage and preparedness to fail, but about the trust in your surroundings. They work together to builds a foundation of trust, making it easier to challenge their own fears.

Sabotage creates a world where we focus on the moment. The presentation explores our similarities and how different bodies can work together. Sabotage emphasizes the gentle beautiful and fragile aspects of circus bodies.

Kert Ridaste and Saana Leppänen are coming from countries close to each other, Estonia and Finland. Both started at an early age in local youth circus. Kert was in OMAtsirkus emphasizing movement trough dancing while competing in partner acrobatics, Saana was in Sorin Sirkus focusing on aerials and expressing herself on stage trough physical theater. The circus was an escape, a place to call home. Growing out of their youth circus made them seek the feeling, they had in circus. Both went to look for it abroad at the age of 18. Kert headed to Netherlands Circus & Performance art University to educate himself with the discipline of hand to hand. Being the first Estonian seeking a university degree in the circus was a big step not only for Kert but the Estonian circus field. After a whilehe changed to dance and circus university at Stockholm (DOCH) what is famous for its research methods and high technique. There he
met Saana. When these two souls started to move and create together, the lost feeling of home was found.

Together they founded SaboK, a limited liability company, to bring the modern circus to the Nordic and Baltic countries in particular. They have worked with Circus Cirkör, Jesper Nikolajeff, Circus I Love You, Circus Ruska and Circus Aikamoinen, among others.In the recent year a musician Called lars Schmidt joined their team. He took over being the performance musician, technician and composer. Lars Schmidt is a graduate student at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. He is a well-known musical actor from Berlin who settled in Tallinn, where he met Saana and Kert. Lars also practises stepp dance and jazz. In recent years he has focused more on screen writing, but lured back on stage by  circus SaboK.



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