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Shorts programme was part of the EPICIRQ 2019 after-party in Sveta bar and is presenting up to 9 acts of up to 7 minutes each. All artists that are either from Baltic countries or are based in one of the Baltic countries are eligible for applying. The applying is based on video recordings, the decision is made by a selection committee and will be announced by the end of September.

The overall concept will be presenting a completely independent act that would be an artistic complete on its own and/or could be booked for corporate events. The act may also be a demo of a new act in process. 

EPICIRQ is inviting event organisers to present them possible acts and artists for their happenings in need of a high-quality entertainment. 

The acts that match the atmosphere of Sveta bar and the after-party will have an advantage in being selected (see what is Sveta all about here: Keywords being: edgy, something new, full-flavored and presentable as a single piece act.

Technical: There will be stage space of 3x3 meters, height 6m, also aerial acts should not take more space than 3x3 meters.

Age limit for artists: 16+

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