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The Sofa Project by
Marija Barnauskaite

Full-length performance

October 5th at 19:00 @Vaba Lava Theatre Centre

Continuous creative process

Idea and performance: Marija Baranauskaite

The main partners: Blue Sofa (FR),

Green Sofa (BE), Brown Sofa,

Yellowish Sofa, Pink Sofa,

Red Sofa (LT)

Duration: 1h

Age target: 14+

According to the artist, the audience of this project is not human – she performs for sofas instead. Always eager to challenge herself, Marija was inspired by contemporary artists who are already making shows for pets or plants and decided to take one little step further while researching audiences without any consciousness at all – furniture. This is a continuous creative process in which human and sofa relations are being explored.

How are we as human beings related to sofas? What are the differences between humans and sofas? How much consciousness is needed to be an audience member or a performer?

The project was already presented at the New Circus Weekend ’18 (Vilnius), Cirkuliacija’18 ( Kaunas), Edengurgh fringe festival, PAF, visited the private local sofas of Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Brussels, the project is going to be presented at the Open House Vilnius in collaboration with Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius).

One of the aims of this project is while traveling around the world to get the world’s sofas to meet the performer and spread the word about unconventional contemporary circus performances.

After graduating from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Marija Baranauskaite studied clownery at École Philippe Gaulier in France. She is a cofounder of New Circus association of Lithuania and besides her performing projects she is the artistic director of Red Noses Clown Doctors Lithuanian team, teaches at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

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