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Therapy by
Lizeth Wolk (EST)

Work in progress

October 5th at 16:10 @Vaba Lava Theatre Centre

Idea and performance: Lizeth Wolk
Duration: 20'
Age target: 12+

"Therapy" is a spectacle that talks about loss, devastation, stress and emptiness though the eyes of three people that never did anything to help them recover from these harsh emotions. Hoping that we are strong enough to carry the burden on our own, without really noticing you are slowly falling apart, might lead us to drown the problems into the weirdest places just to get away from our own thoughts. Anything goes as long as it gets your mind away from the emptiness. Grab a drink or five, dance a little, watch through all the seasons of Game of Thrones, work out until you get a nose bleed - run away from yourself.


Lizeth Wolk was born and raised in Estonia, Tallinn. After many years of being involved with visual arts and music she found the circus world through a youth circus in Tallinn (Folie). In 2012 life brought her to Finland to study in SaSak Circus Education to become an aerial artist. In 2015 she finished the school specialized in aerial hoop. As her earlier background involves music and art, Lizeth is keen on creating visually interesting and technically clever solutions for the performances. She is also a co-funder of the the first Estonian professional circus company (Big Wolf Company) Through-out her professional career Lizeth has performed in groups and as a solo artist around the world. Starting from Europe and finishing in Kongo,Africa or Dubai UAE.

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