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Work in progress performance 
3rd October 17:00 @ Sakala 3

Idea and creation:
Aleksey Smolovs, Marcus Wärnheim

Aleksey Smolovs, Marcus Wärnheim

Duration 40 min 
Age : 8+


Ol’that started out as the solitary research on the relationship between a circus performer and his apparatus. Eventually, he crossed paths with a musician with his own inquiries about his instrument. Ol’that was thereafter reborn to a circus music piece for the two people and their two metal tubes. In the piece the artists experiment, through improvisational methods, with the distributed power between objects and humans. The two artists, together with a Cyr Wheel and an Alto Saxophone, engage in a physical encounter to uncover the potential that resides in materiality, breath and touch. An eloge to spontaneity, sensuality and to the beauty that resides in the attempt to communicate and become together.

- A circus performer and teacher from Latvia
- An artist: The first Latvian contemporary circus and dance performance "Faux Pas" toured in Baltic and Nordic region, Europe and Japan/various collaborative multi-disciplinary performances with circus artists, dancers, visual artists, musicians in Baltics
- A student: taking courses in SKH to deepen artistic and technical skills.
- Autodidact: attending most of the workshops and festivals in Baltics
A Cyr wheel: an apparatus of passion in this ongoing adventure

Marcus Wärnheim is a Swedish reed player and an emerging improviser recently relocated to Amsterdam following his graduation from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Marcus’ expression ranges from minimalistic exploration of timbres to explosive free jazz with a particular interest in peformative arts and transdisciplonary collaborations. He is currently active in projects based in Sweden, Denmark and Finland that involve musicians and performers from all over Europe.


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