Aleksey Smolov " Ol´that" (LV, SWE)

Work in progress performance 
3rd October 17:00 @ Sakala 3

Idea and creation:
Aleksey Smolovs

Aleksey Smolovs, Marcus Warnheim

Duration 30 min 
Age :5


"Ol'that is a performance where the relationship between me and the wheel is explored. Initial point was the common observation of a circus artist usually leading and being in control of the equipment he works with. So, I’ve questioned myself – what if the object becomes an agent of action and begins to control the person? In our everyday practice we tend to vitalize the object – sometimes talking with it, sometimes getting angry, feeling grateful and delighted. In such a moment the balance of roles appears – the object is considered as equal having own behaviour and agency." - Aleksey

Who is Aleksey ? : a circus performer and teacher from Latvia
A Cyr wheel: an apparatus of passion in this ongoing adventure
Autodidact: attending most of the workshops and festivals in Baltics
A turning point in the performing perception: Svalbards All Genius All Idiots and game-changing co-creations years after
An artist: the first Latvian contemporary circus and dance performance "Faux Pas" toured in Baltic and Nordic region, Europe and Japan/various collaborative multi-disciplinary performances with circus artists, dancers, visual artists, musicians in Baltics
A student: taking courses in SKH to deepen artistic and technical skills.