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FAUX PAS//Piezīme nevieta by FAUX 

Full-length performance

October 5th at 16:40 @Vaba Lava Theatre Centre

On stage: Aleksejs Smolovs, Laura Gorodko

Chorepgraphy: FAUX

Sound design: Edgars Spudiņš 

Duration: 20'

Age target: 10+

In Faux Pas, the symbiosis between the two art forms of contemporary dance and circus weaves delicate metaphors in a story about two people and the private invisible side of their relationship. The Cyr wheel becomes a platform for storytelling and the imagination.


The quartet of artists meet to form Faux Pas. They were interested in creating a piece that would combine their knowledge in contemporary dance, state-of-the-art music and the discipline of Cyr wheel to articulate own sensual experiences acquired through relationships. Faux Pas has been quickly recognised in Latvia, receiving invitations to perform at main home contemporary dance and circus festivals as well as showcased abroad (Hungary, Japan, Sweden).

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