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Work in progress performance 

6th October 19.30 @Sakala 3


Idea and creation: Izabelė Kuzelytė

Artists: Izabelė Kuzelytė (LT)


Duration: ca 30 min

Age: 7+

“Life of Creatures” creates a universe where the spectator may observe the average day of different beings. It is a contemporary circus show based on the concept of theater of the absurd. It focuses on ideas of existentialism, challenges the viewers perspective by shifting focus from physical inputs to philosophical interpretations, playing with the human “disease” of trying to find meaning everywhere. By using circus disciplines to express existentialist ideas I bring the audience a modern contemporary circus interpretation of théâtre de l'absurde.

Izabelė Kuzelytė is a contemporary circus artist and performer of aerial acrobatics and dance, who contributes to the promotion of contemporary circus and its development in Lithuania. Originally from Vilnius, Lithuania started her circus path in teenage years in a local aerial acrobatics studio. Later learned circus skills in Gravity Circus course and graduated FLIC scuola di Circo in 2021. Izabelė also participated in trainings hosted by various international festivals and projects (Baltic Nordic Circus, New Circus Weekend, Lab Rope Creative, etc.) which contributed to her experience and knowledge in stage arts. In her performances and creations she merges previous background in various dance styles and circus technique to achieve fluidity and fragility in her movement style.

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