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Deadline - February 28th

EPICIRQ is a showcase for Baltic professional circus, that this year will be held in Tallinn, Estonia on October 6th to 10th. The aim of the event is reaching out to new spectators, opening discussions and putting together, what Baltic circus is and could be.

EPICIRQ is open for applications from Baltic artists from February 1st to 28th. The chosen performances will be announced by March 24th

In year 2021 EPICIRQ is planned as a hybrid-festival so in addition to live performances everything can be observed online as well. 

If you would like to perform at the event and do match the requirements, then do not hesitate to fill in the application!

Requirements for the applicant:

  • At least one of the group members is either a citizen or a resident of Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania

  • We only accept technically high level professional contemporary circus performances

  • The show must be suitable either for the big hall (width 14,4m; depth up to 16m; height to light bridges 4,8m; to ceiling/second rigging points 6,9m) or small hall (width 10,9m; depth up to 8m; height 2,7m) of Vaba Lava Theatre Centre

  • The technical rider must include requirements for space, rigging, lights and sound, need for helpers, list of props, description of set up and take down actions and time. Please consider that many performances will be played after another, so be accurate with predicting set up and take down time. 

  • When applying for a full length performance, a complete video of the show must be added, when applying for pitch/work in progress presentation, add relevant materials of the earlier creation/trailer/rehearsal material.

  • The show must be tourable at least around European countries

EPICIRQ offers:

  • Rehearsal time on stage varying from 1 hour to 3 hours

  • Support in light design beforehand and during the rehearsals and performance

  • A stage manager + rigging support at the place

  • Presentation in a live and online programme, where we welcome local and international festival organisers, venue managers, funding agents, writers, art students and regular (circus loving) audience

EPICIRQ does NOT offer:

  • Travel costs to Tallinn

  • Accommodation in Tallinn

Chosen applicants are expected to:

  • Be part of stage building, help with any kind of rigging solutions (if needed in their show), be clear about their needs and possibilities and be in general kind and helpful in the process.

  • Reserve the time for performances, rehearsals and video-recordings from October 4th to 10th (if possible, then for non-Estonian artists we try to keep the period shorter).

  • Pay a FEE of 50 € per person for participation

In case of any questions please write to info.epicirq@gmail.com or call +372 580 66199