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Full-lenth performance 
3rd October 17:40 @ Sakala 3

Idea and creation:Sypocircus

Artist:Sylvain OULALA

Duration:30 min

Age: 5+

Welcome to the only high energy circus show in the world, where you can see a Frenchy smiling and speaking foreign languages as if they were juggling props. If you have a love for circus, then this is the show for you, from high level diabolo & juggling routine’s to the death defying 3m unicycle. Sylvain no-doubt impresses people of all ages by creating happiness and laughter throughout the whole show. A show that guarantees that none will leave disappointed!

Sylvain was born in France. After he graduated his engineer diploma, he realised that office work was not the life he wanted. So he moved to an unknown country: Estonia! Very quickly he fell in love with the country and stayed there sonce 2014 to present. He developed his street show by performing on the Townhall square.
Sylvain now is a world-wide street performer who has amazed the crowd in more than 25 countries and 3 continents. Able to make the best of any situation - just get him a square, and there's no doubt he will fill it with a massive smily audience full of awe and sparkles in their eyes regardless of their age, gender, cultural background or religion.

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