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Full lenght performance
6th October 20:45 @ Sakala 3

Idea and Creation: Taigi Cirkas
Dramaturgy: Pau Portabella
Artists: Konstatin Kosovec (LT), Aleksey Smolov (LV),

Elena Kosovec (LT)

Duration: 50 min
Age: 5+

I was hanging there tangled, framed and limited I was rolled on and over, spinning in and out, Bruised and healed, crushed and resurrected With breath taken and heart lost ALIVE Three circus artists who have met each other on a rise of pandemic with a wish to research the connection points between their practices, finding their artistic way in limiting and harsh conditions. How do their bodies change, how does it affect their mental and emotional states? How do their thoughts translate to their bodies and how does the way of communication transform? What they can propose to each other and where this proposition can bring to? A breathtaking journey leads one to a search of self-identity, another to a new way of self-acknowledgement. All results of building a new reality with objects losing their conventional meaning and becoming a beautiful metaphor of connection, support and communication. Artists welcome the audience to enter the universe of imagination and dive into worlds created through physicality, sensitivity, materiality, vulnerability, textures and geometry.

Contemporary circus company “Taigi Cirkas” formed in 2016. Currently their company consists of two artists Konstantin Kosovec and Elena Kosovec and different collaborative artists from Lithuania and abroad. The main purpose of the group is to tell a honest and very personal story using circus disciplines. Laconically and in a simple way. The show “Up to this point” is a collaboration between circus artists Konstantin Kosovec (Lithuania), Elena Kosovec (Lithuania) and Aleksey Smolov (Latvia) and producer Jānis Laucenieks (Latvia).

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