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Vaba Lava

Theatre centre

Vaba Lava is the first theatre centre of the kind in Estonia since the concept of a theatre without a resident company is new to us. In Estonia, there are mostly large state subsidised repertoire theatres, plus a number of independent companies, who in spite of making interesting productions and winning awards for artistic accomplishments, are left to a large extent on their own. There are only some independent companies who are lucky to have their own stage for performing.

(Telliskivi 60a-9, 10142 Tallinn)




Heldeke is not an average beer pub — it's a vaudeville-style show venue with an exquisite bar, offering a chance to slip away from the mundane. "We'll make you laugh. We'll make you cringe. We'll turn you on. We'll turn you off. We'll move you. We'll lift your mood. "

(Tööstuse 13, 10413 Tallinn)


Piip ja Tuut mängumaja

Cafe and a theatre

It is a theatre house and a cafe founded by the most famous Estonian clowns Piip and Tuut.

(Toom-Kooli 13, 10130 Tallinn)




Sveta is a bar with a lot of events, concerts and parties happening in Telliskivi, the hipster region of Tallinn.

(Telliskivi 62, 10412 Tallinn)

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