October 5th to 6th 2019

The main programme aims to present the most outstanding professional contemporary circus performances of Baltic region. This year the main programme will present 7 performances.

Full length performances:

Big Wolf Company (EST) “Eternal Dinner” 

FAUX (LV) “FAUX PAS//Piezīme nevieta”

Marija Barnauskaite (LT)  “The Sofa

Duo Homeles Moreles (EST/FIN/LV) “Liquorice and Lemons”.

Work in progress presentation:

Lizeth Wolk(EST) “Therapy”

Pitch presentation:

Circus SaboK (EST/FIN) “Sabotage”

The main programme has been chosen based on online applications (including texts, photo- and video materials) by an international selection committee of contemporary circus and performance art specialists. The members of this year’s selection committee are:

Audronis Imbrasas (LT - New Circus Weekend)

Gildas Aleksa (LT - Festival Cirkuliacija)

Odrija Fisere (LV - Riga Circus, Re Riga Festival)

Uldis Trapencieris (LV - Festival Sansusi)

Mari Mägi (EST - Labürintteater G9).

The performances are going to take place in Tallinn at Vaba Lava Theatre Centre, Piip ja Tuut Playhouse and Sveta Bar.